Hope and Empowerment through Education and Opportunity
Newsletters Events Completed Projects Current Projects
2014 2014 Exhibition Varosha Tailoring and Sewing Schools Chetla Skills Center
2015 2015 Exhibition Varosha Beautician School After–School Tuition Centers
2016 2015 Exhibition cont. Jorir Alo (Metal Threadwork on Fabrics) Support for Farmers (Aranyer Alo)
2017 Thank You party 2017 Varosha Clothing Manufacturing Fine Arts Academy - Jibon Alo
2018 Rotary International Service Summit Micro Loan Program Health-care Assistant Training
Varosha-Prajukti Eye Health Camp
Jobs for Support Staff Tailoring Program
Embroidery/Fabric Printing and Painting (Sonar Alo) Beautician Training
Pasta/Noodle Making Mushroom Cultivation 2019
Tailoring and Embroidery Centers (Puber Alo) Breakfast for 190 School Children
Mushroom Cultivation Women's Jewelry Making Classes